Understanding Logo Designing Basics

Understanding Logo Designing Basics

In today’s world, a logo marks the aesthetic entity and image of any brand. It can make it break its success and that is why it is essentially important to know the basics of logo designing before you finalize your business’ image symbol. Your brand’s logo is your identity, it speaks about your brand, its image, and much more evidently, its message. In this blog, we will learn about some logo design ideas and their basics, that’ll help you generate a memorable logo for your brand. 

Understanding Logo Designing Basics

If you wish to create a memorable logo, you must be careful about the balance between color, typography, imagery, and shape. A perfect logo is one that is easily scalable, recognizable, and conveys the intended message. Your logo design should involve simplicity, authenticity, comprehension, and a feeling that connects with the audience and provokes them to learn and discover more about your brand. That is where the understanding of logo designs comes into the picture. Let’s dive deeper into the spectrum.

Brainstorm Logo Design Ideas

You can generate amazing and authentic logo design ideas by brainstorming them. Begin with the identification of your brand’s values, the core ones, and personality. Next, determine what message you would want your logo to convey and with what emotions. When you’re through these, you’ll be on a clearer path to brainstorming different ideas for your logo and its design. The brainstorming will help you deliver prospects that will have public value and an appearance that connects with your target audience and compels them to associate with your brand.

Make Use of Free Logo Design Tools

Search through the web and make use of designing tools that are free and help create a professional-looking logo. You will find yourself experimenting with different ideas, concepts, styles, etc. that make it easier to find the best design for your brand. This will cut off unnecessary costs that would have, otherwise, been incurred in generating a logo. There are many free tools available online, but you must be wise enough to select the one with the most effective and efficient output. Make sure that you research well before using any free tool because not every tool can generate the logo of your choice.


One very pivotal element of any logo design is its typography. It helps in conveying different messages depending on the typeface and style used along with the emotions. It’s time you play with different fonts, styles, and sizes and hence find the right and perfect logo for your brand. Make sure that the typography is legible and easy to read (even in small sizes). For font selections, you can use a rounded sans-serif font if you’re a fun and playful brand, or you can use a bold serif font if you’re a serious brand. Establish a hierarchy in your design using typography, and work on the font’s weight, size, and style accordingly. Also, make sure that the elements in the logo are balanced and proffer originality.

Experimentation with Colours

Make your logo a happy and aesthetic world for your brand. Choose the right and significant colors that display your brand’s perception and also align with its values and personality. Make sure, you play with different colors and then create the right logo that reflects the right message and emotions. For example, use blue color for provoking trust and originality, and switch to yellow if you wish to portray happiness and fun. Next, green color can be a sign of an organic or natural brand and for tech-based brands, you can play with grey, slaty, and tinges of blue. Play, create, and perform!


Another powerful tool that’ll accentuate your logo and its design is imagery. It helps in conveying your brand’s messages and values and gives meaning to them. The imagery should be relevant, one that makes your brand authentic. It accounts for longevity, versatility, relevance, and recognition. Make sure that your logo is vital and float-worthy so that it can be used on all digital as well as print platforms.

Shape of Logo

Logo’s shape speaks perception. Be sure to use shapes that evoke emotions, strength, and stability. You can use shapes like ovals and circles to promote entirety and unity and squares and triangles, to portray firmness and coherence. The shape of your logo tells about the industry of your brand, its message, etc. Make sure that the logo’s shape is a combination of simplicity and harmony. In case, you want to create movement, and a sense of energy or tension, make use of asymmetrical logos. For versatile logo design that conveys fluidity, naturality, and effectiveness along with softness, use waves, curves, and irregular shapes.

Creativity with Letter Logos

Make your brand a popular choice with unique letter logos. These kinds use unparalleled typography with a combination of letters. Try using negative spaces to convey latent interests and meanings. If your brand has a unique name, letter logos can up your game in the digital dynamic. You can also make use of custom letterings besides the fonts available. Try combining the letters to create a meaning and a sense of fluidity. You can also add an icon to your letters, it will accentuate their presence and make them more memorable.

Win It With Simplicity

 Simplicity is always the key. Make your logo as simple and clean as possible so that it entails memory and easy recognition. Make sure that the design is simple yet creative, unique yet understandable. It should be clean, minimalistic, and should not lose impact.

Test Your Logo Design

Always test your logo design in different dynamics viz. sizes, backgrounds, etc. This will help you scale it better making it stand out. Try A/B testing which involves two different designs being tested against each other, take feedback from different designers, and see if the designs fit all the parallels of the digital media world.


A professional logo design is a gateway to audience influx and success. Remember to consider the basic concepts that make your logo authentic, original, and one that drives an emotional connection. Make sure to follow the tips before you design your logo and float it. With a well-established logo, you can create a lasting impression that brings to you customer loyalty and speaks of the brand in creativity, style, and aesthetics. Follow the guidelines for an effective and efficient logo and make it win the digital dynamic like none other.

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